We are people, just like you, who have that morbid curiosity about death. It fascinates us all! And one day, it will unite us all!

It’s a healthy thing.

Have you seen our main site: LivingOrDead.com? It’s full of great information about celebrity birthdays, movies, TV shows, recent deaths. Oh my! You can spend all day looking up things like which cast members of M*A*S*H are living (or dead), or the cast of the original Austin Powers movie!

We now have a range of products related to the Living or Dead site, such as scannable shirts that you use your phone on to go to a celebrity’s Living or Dead page to find out if they’re still alive (or still dead … the zombie apocalypse will make maintaining our databases difficult!)

Above all, we hope you have fun on our sites. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a shirt or mug while you’re here!

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